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Let’s Learn About the Significance of Board Exams

While the public board exams and the regular school exams may be similar, it is not without their fundamental differences….

By folkduck , in Education , at June 21, 2021

While the public board exams and the regular school exams may be similar, it is not without their fundamental differences. The preparations for these board exams, especially Classes 10 and 12 of all boards, including the state boards, and their importance in the students’ lives could vary. In this article, an attempt is being made to analyse the significance of board exams and what they could mean for the state board students. 

State boards across the country have realized the need to conduct public board exams for Class 12 and Class 10. In a way, conducting board exams will help evaluate the students’ strengths and weaknesses while facing challenging situations. Here, let us see why the students of all boards, including the  TS Intermediate Board, should be prepared to face the board exams. How important are these board exams? 

Are Board Exams Required? 

Board exams are mandatory, and here we explore the reasons below. Meanwhile, we have also mentioned the exhaustive list of study materials and resources that can help them ace these board exams. 

  • Writing these exams could be the best way to channelise the stress and handle pressure 
  • It also gives a clear indication to the students as to where they stand in comparison to others
  • It helps to enhance time management and other exam writing skills 
  • Once they have sailed through the Class 10 public exams, facing 12th boards becomes easy 
  • It is usually the stepping stone to continuing with higher education or the doorway to a career 

All these points focus on highlighting the importance of board exams and how they can lay the foundation ahead with the help of an exhaustive list of study materials. 

Important Board Exam Resources 

Preparing for the board exams with these resources helps the students to perform well and ace. Meanwhile, find the list of most essential resources below: 

  • Subject wise syllabus to help plan the studies 
  • Class wise textbooks for the required subjects 
  • Last 5 to 10 years previous year question papers 
  • Mock tests or sample papers for all subjects 
  • Neat and comprehensive notes highlighting key points 

Tips for leveraging the Board Exam study materials 

First off, students need to realise the importance of the Syllabus. It is the best tool to make the most of exam preparations. After planning for the best way to prepare ahead, students can master the required subject. Textbooks contain an in-depth explanation of the critical concepts of a subject, and students can use those to master all the complex concepts and topics thoroughly. Referring to the keynotes is the best way to revise the subject for the exams.

Also, practising the sample papers and mock tests can be a way to gain enough confidence to face the exams more fearlessly, while also enhancing time management skills. The previous year paper, in the meantime, is the best resource to get acquainted with the exam pattern and the types of questions that get repeated often. The diligent students would know how to make the most of these resources and score the best marks in board exams. 

Thus, in this article here, we have established the significance of board exams. Also, we have provided here the strategy and tools to ace these Class 12 or Class 10 exams of all boards, including that of CBSE, ICSE or state boards such as Bihar board matric exams

Mastering these tips or hacks and leveraging these tools are the best possible option to ace the exams. We can also conclude here that fear of failure or pressure should not be why students fear the board exams. Preparing well and being confident can help students to crack the exams easily. 


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