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Is shared hosting suitable for small businesses?

Shared hosting is web hosting that divides server resources between various domains that share their physical server and all its…

By folkduck , in Technology , at January 25, 2023

Shared hosting is web hosting that divides server resources between various domains that share their physical server and all its resources with the hosted websites. Shared hosting is the best WordPress hosting in India and is also called virtual shared hosting. It comes at a lower cost compared to another hosting. Everyone using shared hosting can access features like an FTP account, disk space, additional add-ons, and monthly traffic provided by the shared hosting provider.

Shared hosting works best for small businesses like blogs, websites, and low-traffic sites that don’t need high bandwidths or advanced configurations. It is also great for sites that don’t need too much reliability and can handle some downtime because of things taking place on the server. A shared hosting package offered by a shared hosting provider is generally the minimum for support and features, but users can upgrade the time as required for an added cost. Often, it is all needed by small businesses. But, if a business or website grows and begins getting more traffic, it can upgrade to dedicated or managed server hosting.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

You may have already compiled some ideas and thoughts about why shared hosting can benefit small businesses. With that, let us look at the different benefits shared hosting has to offer:


The first and foremost benefit of a shared hosting service is that it is budget-friendly for small businesses. It is because many individuals contribute to the cost of the server, and the cost of the hosting company is also distributed among them.

No Bandwidth Limits

When you choose shared hosting for a WordPress website hosting, the service provider will usually offer you unlimited bandwidth every month for your website. But, ensure not to overload the server, or the account will get suspended.

No Technical Expertise Required

You can start with shared hosting easily. Many providers offer control panels for website management. Unlike dedicated or VPS servers, it is easy to compress folders, add FTP users, change passwords, etc. Moreover, there are no complex configurations and costly tools to figure out.

Built-In cPanel

You can handle all your hosting tasks with an easy-to-use cPanel. This cPanel can simplify emails setting, add-on domains, databases, ease control, and more.

Managed Professionally

Shared hosting is known for low maintenance. The hosting service provider will take complete care of the server by ensuring that the basic server administrative works are performed properly. You can expect to get professional tech support for things like network outages, maintenance, DDoS attacks, and more.

As mentioned above, there are various benefits of shared hosting. And we can conclude that shared hosting is best for small businesses, beginners, and smaller websites having a small budget.

And remember, you should never compromise on the hosting quality when using shared hosting. Ensure to use an appropriate shared hosting company.


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