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5 Questions to Ask When Buying Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

In one’s senior years, health problems often tend to crop up and even increase. These health problems can lead to…

By folkduck , in Health , at October 8, 2021

In one’s senior years, health problems often tend to crop up and even increase. These health problems can lead to heavy medical bills for treatment that is required. Thus, it becomes imperative to have a health insurance policy to safeguard one’s hard-earned savings during these years of life. If you are about to buy a health insurance plan for a senior member of your family, this article is just for you. Read on to find out 5 questions that you must ask when buying health insurance for senior citizens. 


  • How much coverage is required?


Before you start to research and compare plans, take some time to evaluate how much coverage is required. If your senior parent already has certain health issues, you might want to opt for a higher sum insured. Also, if they have pre-existing diseases, you need to ask the insurance provider what the waiting period is for these conditions. With this knowledge in mind, you can make a good decision. 


  • Are add-ons required for extra coverage?


When buying health insurance, you can enhance the protection you enjoy by opting for add-ons. For instance, you might want to opt for a critical illness cover add on along with a health insurance plan for a senior parent as critical illnesses usually affect people in their older years. Or, you may want to buy a standalone critical illness insurance plan


  • Are the network hospitals located close to home?


One of the biggest benefits of having health insurance is the availability of cashless treatment. The cashless treatment facility is only accessible at network hospitals. So, before you go ahead and buy a health insurance plan for your parents or another senior member of your household, you want to make sure that the network hospitals are located close to their home. This way, there will not be much difficulty in getting them to the treatment centre during an emergency.  


  • Is this plan offering the best value for money?


Health insurance plans for senior citizens can be quite expensive. You want to ensure that you pick a plan that is affordable and yet does not compromise on the coverage given. Make sure to compare at least 3 to 4 different health insurance plans from different insurance companies so that you find the best one that offers value for money. You can consider doing the comparison online so that you get more options. 


  • What kind of customer reviews does the insurer have?


The reviews that an insurance provider has received from their other customers says a lot about them. Look for an insurance company with good feedback from their existing policyholders. Search for reviews that talk about excellent customer service, professionalism, and easy claims. 

Keep these questions in mind the next time you need to buy health insurance or a Mediclaim policy for a senior member of your family. Hope that this article has been helpful for you today. 

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