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The reasons or benefits of a fantasy based cricket app

With close to 2.5 billion fans cricket is one of the most loved sports in the country. A lot of…

By folkduck , in Sports , at June 10, 2021

With close to 2.5 billion fans cricket is one of the most loved sports in the country. A lot of brands having associated with big names or associations have given this platform a big lift.  Come the present year this brand offers numerous opportunities for all the sport centric sessions. An example is Dream 11 that has gone on to become the digital sponsor of the Indian cricket team. Considering their achievements it is clear that the coming year would be of IPL money app

India is one of biggest fan bases of cricket and a lot of people play this game. Not only this game is played by hundreds of people out there the masses consider it as a form of religion. When the number of cricket follows is above 1 billion from the Indian sub -continent the share is around 90 %. Let us now get to the reasons why invest in a fantasy based cricket app is the best foot forward.

The reasons of launching your own cricket app

Cricket events

A major reason for the investment in cricket based apps is the list of cricket tournaments waiting in the queue. Some of the biggest tournaments in the world like IPL, T 20 world cup and Big Bash are about to happen this year. It all starts off with the IPL followed by the T 20 world cup. Even the series itself covers an enormous part in the form of profits. If you miss an excellent business opportunity it is not a good idea.

Target audience

Apart from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, New Zealand , Australia, South Africa are some prominent names taking part in these competitions. The best part is all these countries are part of the scheduled events held in the year 2020 to 2021. It becomes easy to attract more fans as fantasy players since their own players participate in the competition.

Less competition 

Fantasy cricket is a relatively new concept in India. There are only a couple of companies engaging in this domain and they have gone on to do a great job. So if you have decided to invest in fantasy cricket it is a sensible option as there are not a lot of players waiting in the market. It becomes easy to ensure a strong presence and in less time earn a global fan base.


In some countries of the world like India betting is considered to be illegal. But with fantasy apps it is never going to be the case as it is legal. After a prolonged battle the Supreme court of India has gone on to declare it as the game of skills. Hence such applications are legal to play.

Open crowd

Some of the countries of the world do not participate in cricket competitions worldwide. Though the fan following of the game is immense. By watching the game on the TVs and smartphones they enjoy the game. In such cases providing them with an application enabling them to earn quick bucks is the best foot forward.

Practice time

As there is a lot of time for prominent tournaments of the world like T 20 world cup. If you launch your app today it is going to provide you with an excellent opportunity for practice. User preference, relevant exposure to the market,  relevant market along with demand are some of the factors to consider. If you are planning to launch your app directly in major tournaments it might turn out to be a failure as the application does not have proper exposure.

Association with prominent brands

Fantasy platforms are popular for excitement and fun. An increase in the number of users justifies its popularity and generates the interest of the other brands as well. In modern times the industry has become a lucrative platform for enhancing the brand value. If you are investing in such fantasy platforms like IP game earn money you are going to get an opportunity to be associated with leading associations and brands.

Scope of earning quick bucks

The popularity of the game provides an ample opportunity to earn revenues. Hence if you are dealing in fantasy app the scope of earning revenue is enormous.

Greater chance of improvements

What would be the case if a major tournament has started and your app shows some serious signs of debug. Even the applications might require certain changes in terms of functionality and features. These are some serious issues that could turn out to be a stumbling block if you launch these apps during the time of major tournaments. No application in the world is fixed at the first attempt, So if you are launching your app earlier you tend to be in a better position. You will be able to figure out the problems and rectify them before it is too late.

Investments are low with profits on the higher side

There is no one in the world who want to make profits by investing low. This is bound to be the case if you are making an investment in fantasy cricket app as the returns are low with low investment. If you are exploring opportunities of lucrative revenues no better option than a fantasy app.


By now it is an obvious fact that the popularity of fantasy apps has touched new heights. But before starting off with the game there are a few rules that you need to be aware. Do not straight away start playing the games as  there is a strong possibility of losing money. The key is to start slow and take major steps with the passage of time. Most of the websites have practice contexts that gives you an idea on where you stand. Just consider it as a real game and showcase the same levels of commitment as you would do in a normal game. There are plenty of prizes to be won if you get things right.


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