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How to be a healthy college student while staying in a PG in Noida

It’s 8am. You’re in your college hostel or PG and you have a class that starts in 30 minutes. But…

By folkduck , in Real Estate , at March 26, 2021

It’s 8am. You’re in your college hostel or PG and you have a class that starts in 30 minutes. But your bed is so warm and comfortable. You think to yourself, it wouldn’t hurt to sleep in for just one day. Suddenly your phone pings with a text. It’s your professor cancelling the first class. You can’t believe your luck! Surely it’s the universe telling you to stay in bed. But as you close your eyes again, you catch a glimpse of the pair of sneakers you came to college with. Those were the days when you had dreams of revamping your lifestyle and actually staying fit while in college.

Hold up! It’s not too late for those dreams of yours to come true. And yes, we know that your bed may be too tempting, but don’t go back to sleep just yet. Even though it may be difficult to find time for yourself to exercise in between classes, extracurricular activities and your blossoming social life, we believe that you can pull up our socks and do it. All you need is a few simple tips and tricks to get you started. So let’s get a move on!

Health is Wealth

Yeah, that’s not just something your grandma used to stay. Staying active in college is not just about fitting into that pair of jeans you haven’t been able to in a while. It’s about giving yourself a chance to prioritize your health. Because let’s face it, health is one of the first things to go when you enter college. Whether it’s for an assignment or a party, you’re bound to be compromising on your exercise, sleep, food or all three. And you won’t second guess it, because all the others in your girls’ PG in Noida will be doing the same as well. Just remember, your health is worth a lot more than getting one extra mark in a test. So prioritise yourself and make time for healthy habits like sleeping, exercising and eating meals on time. If you do, you’ll be on the right track to kickstarting an active lifestyle.

Routines for the Win

Okay, routines may not make you as happy as they make us, but hear us out. Routines are not just for classes, they can be essential for you to balance between your academics and your social life, without compromising on either. So if you’re putting in assignment deadlines and daily to-dos into your routine already, why not take it a step further and add times for exercise too. It’s really easy to say you can’t find time to exercise, but it’s even easier to make time when you have a routine in front of you. So ensure you slot some physical activities into your schedule at least 3-4 times a week.

Select Sensible Slots

Look, if you don’t plan for something, it won’t happen. Especially when the thing is exercise. So give yourself the best chance possible by selecting a time that makes the most sense for you. A great trick here is to incentivize yourself with something that you may like doing in anycase. If you’re a social butterfly, why not go for a run or join a gym with your friends. And on the flipside, if you’re an introvert or would rather not let others see you breaking a sweat, pick a time when most students won’t be around, so you don’t have to worry about other people. Not just that, you can work in times to be active around your class schedule, especially as a de-stressor after a tough lecture. Or start your morning with a run and some yoga, if that’s more your style. What we’re saying is customise it. You don’t need to be doing the same thing at the same time everyday. Feel free to shake up your routine and make the whole process work for you.

Do What You Like

If you’re really dreading the time you’ve picked for exercising, you’re probably going to find an excuse not to do it. But staying active doesn’t mean you have to be miserable or force yourself to go through the motions just for the sake of it. Think about what you want to accomplish, and plan accordingly. If you’re exercising to train for a marathon, you’re probably best off focusing on your stamina and running. But if it’s weightloss that’s your goal, you might want to focus on a more intensive workout in shorter bursts. Don’t forget to factor in the fact that everyone’s body is different and reacts differently. So even if you workout with your roommates in your girls’ PG in Greater Noida and you aren’t getting results as quickly as you like, consistency is key. And switch it up! Every day doesn’t have to be leg day. Switching between different muscle groups will stop you feeling too sore (and therefore demotivated to continue).

And those are our easy tips to getting (and staying) active in college. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be on your feet and ready to embark on a new lifestyle. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you have some off days or if it takes you a while to reach your fitness goal. It’s the journey that’s most important, and what you have to do is take the first step. So get out of bed!


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